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Litigation Practice

A global economy, diverging legal systems and increased cooperation among regulators present companies with a wide array of legal challenges. Through our Litigation practice, we advise and represent clients in litigations, international arbitration, and investigations. Our team is efficient in handling of all kinds of corporate & commercial litigations and disputes in different jurisdictions. It provides clients with creative and result-oriented litigation and arbitration counsel. Known for business savvy and strategic advice, our team leverages innovation and technology to become more focused and efficient in providing solutions.

Commercial & Corporate Advisory Practice

Wide range of bespoke services to companies across sectors at various stages – start-ups incubation and pre-start up included, businesses in their growth and consolidation phase as well as mature businesses. Corporate advisory practice involves researching, analysing and providing solutions in respect of business, commercial and corporate laws for listed, unlisted companies and private clients. We provide strategic commercial legal advice to our clients, in all areas affecting an organization from renting property to labour to sectoral laws and financial laws.

Our Corporate Governance practice is built on a systematically curated knowledge base and expertise in global best behaviours and practices. Our dedicated team leverages this strong foundation to help businesses enhance their reputation and take advantage of market opportunities through our value-driven, sustainable, relevant, and contemporary approach to corporate governance. This is further enhanced through holistic advice based on comparable local and international references and deep integration into the governance ecosystem, including proxy advisers and stewardship services.

Our corporate law practice brings unparalleled expertise to our clients in matters of national, international corporate and business laws such as:

  • Conducting extensive legal due diligence of various corporate entities on several aspects including pending litigation, decreed matters, corporate compliance and financial
  • Advising on corporate and commercial bodies on investments, strategic alliances, business transfers, commercial contracts, shareholder disputes, and joint ventures
  • Advising and assisting corporates on strategic business and legal decision-making
  • Advising on critical matters relating to structuring, incorporation, exits, and winding up
  • Reviewing share purchase agreements, shareholder agreements, licensing agreements, joint venture agreements, franchise agreements, dealership agreements, and collaboration agreements
  • Advising commercial entities on legal and business compliance, corporate laws, and foreign exchange matters, including FEMA
  • Representing leading corporates in SEBI-related disputes
  • Representing promoters and investors before Courts and Tribunals
  • Representing parties in complex shareholder arbitrations
Dispute Avoidance, Management & Resolution

Our disputes profile includes the entire gamut of pre-dispute and litigation advisory, litigation in various fora as well as domestic and international arbitration. We assist with advising and strategizing from an early stage of a potential dispute to conducting and managing the dispute from its very inception.

Arbitration, Mediation & Negotiation including Online Dispute Resolution

Through our Arbitration practice, we engage in mediation and arbitration on behalf of our clients, both in India and abroad. We negotiate settlement agreements when appropriate and represent our clients in defence of these claims before Courts, administrative agencies, and in arbitration proceedings within India.

With extensive experience in domestic & international commercial and investor-state arbitrations and disputes across all key sectors. We represent our clients in investment arbitration, joint venture and M&A disputes, commercial arbitrations as well as enforcing or challenging awards in the sectors of energy, banking and finance, construction and infrastructure, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, technology and telecommunications, to name a few.

Real Estate and Resident Welfare Associations

JurisLab Legal is proficient at handling assignments ranging from title due diligence and transaction structuring, drafting and negotiating a wide variety of contracts such as conveyance, joint development, leases & licenses, construction, operations & management contracts, to providing complex advisory for land acquisition, township development and slum rehabilitation projects.

Resident Welfare Associations

There are Approx. 75,000 apartments in Bengaluru alone & it continues to be on an upward growth trajectory every year, yet so neglected from legal view point. Having identified the gap, we have specially curated 50+ professional services to address any Association's Statutory, Regulatory, Compliance and Financial requirements such as, to name a few:

  • Registration of Association under the KAO Act 1972
  • Due diligence & Handover Compliance
  • Compliance with Labour Laws 2020
  • Conducting Annual General Body Meeting & Election
  • Setting Standard Operating Procedures and guidelines
  • Internal & External Dispute Resolution Mechanism and many more
Data Protection & Privacy

In keeping with India’s initiative to enact specific Privacy and Data Protection legislation, we provide our clients with the necessary guidance to meet domestic and international requirements of data and privacy laws. We also continue to advise our clientele on data protection and privacy matters, including the enforcement of confidentiality and non-disclosure provisions.

Crisis Management & Strategy Practice

When is a crisis really a crisis? When it threatens your company, your CEO, your business, and your relationships. It can begin as an existential threat or just the hint of trouble. A lawsuit can be the crisis or an outgrowth of one. A crisis can be caused by an employee or an act of God, a terrorist strike or a dealer who finds a defect. It can be a massive cyber breach, a multi-pronged government investigation, a come-from-nowhere complaint against your CEO, a disgruntled former-employee-turned-whistle-blower, a phone call from a regulator, or a sick customer halfway around the world, who could be the first of many.

We have created a special practice group with attorneys who take immediate action to navigate any predicament, implement tactical communication plans, and lead clients through challenging situations. Issues ranging from the workforce diversity and sexual harassment issues making headlines to corporate governance, information leaks and the boundaries of free expression to sustainability issues, the products of tomorrow and heightened regulatory schemes, we provide informed thought leadership, and concrete roadmaps to success.

White Collar Investigations

Our expertise in Investigations is based on our deep knowledge and understanding of the technical legal requirements and the risks posed by the regulatory and investigative actions. That’s why our clients trust us to advise them on managing complex and high stakes investigations.

While we are adept at conducting internal investigations on behalf of our clients and defending our clients, subject to government investigations, we also work closely with experts and a distinguished team of regulatory advisors to help our clients manage and solve potential domestic and cross-border regulatory and criminal investigations, safeguarding their long-term interests. We have wide-ranging experience in advising and representing clients in regulatory and white-collar criminal investigations in India and globally including internal investigations.

Legal Advisory & Virtual General Counsel Consultancy

Legal Advisory Service

In an increasingly complex world, legal departments face the added challenge of bringing value to their business, while navigating the volume and pace of regulatory change while remaining compliant. We provide a strategic perspective, helping clients to meet their local responsibilities and thrive in the global marketplace. We bring together legal advice, strategy, and technology to develop innovative solutions, and create value for you and your business.

Every organisation irrespective of size, needs legal support to run its business cycle with its business interests well safeguarded. A timely advice and effective implementation in the working can check unforeseen liability at all times. Keeping a big team of lawyers with huge experience and expertise is a very costly affair and even the biggest of organisations are also conscious of such expenses. Hence, outside lawyers are engaged to meet these requirements as the ultimate aim of a business is to earn profit.

Virtual General Counsel Services

Expert and experienced lawyers are available all the time to carry out work just like an In-house General Counsel without any hassle of explaining the requirement every time. An extended legal team with varied experience in diverse domains and industries are available to carry out the work on predetermined terms and conditions in the smoothest possible manner with highest diligence and best understanding of the business cycle & legal implications like they are an In-house General Counsel. Some of the services provided are: Business advisory, Business documents i.e. drafting and vetting of commercial agreements and contracts, Manage litigation, set-up dispute resolution mechanisms and more.